Are you Ready to Conceive?

Your diet and lifestyle are crucial to your reproductive health; if they aren’t in balance, they can sabotage your hormones and chances of conceiving. There are simple changes you can make today that will impact the egg you release 90 days from now and support your healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Reset gives you the tools to conceive naturally or with reproductive medicine. While there are many things you can’t control on the fertility journey, your daily habits and what you eat are two things you can transform that can help you get pregnant.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • Module 1: How to use Epigenetics to Support Egg Quality:

    Epigenetics shows us we are more than just our genes but mostly made up of the choices we make on a daily basis. By optimizing diet and lifestyle choices, you can not only support egg quality but impact the future health of your baby.

  • Module 2: Transform Stress to Balance Your Hormones:

    Modern day stress can wreak havoc on our fertility. In fact animals in the wild do not conceive when they are under stress. Learn how stress impacts our hormones and how you can initiate the relaxation response to reverse the effects of stress and improve your chances of conceiving.

  • Module 3: How to Lose Weight to Optimize Fertility:

    Studies continue to reveal that having a BMI out of the normal range can negatively impact conception efforts both naturally and with ART (assisted reproductive technology). If you’ve been eating the Standard American Diet “SAD”, then your blood sugar levels have been on a roller coaster ride that causes inflammation and cortisol spikes which lead to weight gain and hormonal imbalance. The Fertility Reset Protocol helps you create an eating style that stabilizes your blood sugar, balances hormones and optimizes your weight for conception.

  • Module 4: What foods to eat and which ones to avoid:

    Absorption of nutrients is critical for healthy egg quality and embryos as well as the cellular development of babies in utero. No matter what diet you are following, it cannot serve you fully unless you are able to absorb the nutrients in it. Even if you are eating ‘lean, clean and green’ and your blood sugars are steadyif your digestion is weak or if your gut is leaky, you won’t receive the full benefits of your carefully planned meals and snacks. Fertility Reset supports your digestion and optimizes the absorption of nutrients.

  • Module 5: Cleansing and Detoxing for Conception:

    Every day we are exposed to environmental toxins that negatively impact fertility. Having a gentle, daily detoxification routine is an essential part of supporting reproductive health. Conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian failure, poor-quality eggs, advanced maternal age and other degenerative diseases and causes of poor reproductive and general health are rampant because our cells are not getting the nutrition they require and our bodies cannot cope with the high amounts of synthetic, refined foods, environmental toxins and persistent stress present in most of our lives. Learn how to clean out environmental toxins for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Module 6: Supplements for Fertility:

    Supplements can feel like the wild west. How do we know what we are taking is absorbing in our body? Are all supplements created equally? There are a few key nutrients we all need to optimize for fertility. Learn which supplements are most important to take and which nutrients are key for treating specific conditions.


“I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!! Confirmed today at my RE office (boy, are we surprised, they said….), I am just a few weeks pregnant. I also wanted to tell you because YOU BELIEVED IN ME and it happened – a MIRACLE.”


“I am now 24 weeks pregnant! I just wanted to give you a brief update. I had a nutrition consult with you in 2011. We made nutritional and lifestyle modifications, I had acupuncture, took the prescribed herbs and supplements and we conceived naturally. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and everything is going great so far! We are expecting our second girl due on May 2nd.(I will be 45 years old when I deliver her) All of the screening tests and ultrasounds that they have done have looked good and indicate that she is a healthy baby. Thank you for all of the help, information and support that you provided me.”


“I am now 8 weeks pregnant, and I know that Kathryn’s advice and cookbook helped me to get here. I followed her eating recommendations and used her recipes for 6 months before trying to conceive, and then it only took 3 months to get pregnant (and I’m over 40). I recommend this book to any woman who wants to get her body ready for pregnancy.”


A Recap of Everything that’s Included:

Full lifetime access Fertility Reset Program ($597)

Module 1:

How to use Epigenetics to Support Egg Quality:

  • The 90 Day Egg Cycle
  • The Influence of Epigenetics
  • Diet, Pleasure and 80/20
  • Activity: Using Your 5 Senses
  • Handout: Charting Your Cycle

Module 2:

Transform Stress to Balance Your Hormones:

  • The Stress Response and Hormones
  • The Stress Response and Hormones
  • Sleep and the Circadian Rhythm
  • Activity: Breathwork
  • Meditation for Fertility

Module 3:

How to Lose Weight to Optimize Fertility

  • Calculating Your Healthy Weight
  • The Blood Sugar Rollercoaster
  • How to Lose Weight
  • Food Journal
  • Meditation for Fertility

Module 4:

Gut Health, the Microbiome and the Fertility
Elimination Diet

  • Learn the exact foods to eat and which ones to avoid
  • Digestion and Gut Health
  • What Destroys Gut Health
  • Elimination Diet Guidelines: What to Enjoy and What to Avoid
  • Tips to Repair Gut Health
  • Bone Broth Recipe
  • Tips to Repair Gut Health

Module 5:

Cleansing and Detoxing for Conception

  • The Influence of Toxins on Reproductive Health
  • The Lymphatic System and Purification
  • How to Cleanse for Fertility
  • Cleanse Guidelines for Fertility
  • How to Choose what to buy organic vs what to buy conventional?
  • Green Smoothie Video

Module 6:

Supplements for Fertility

  • Assessing Quality of Your Supplements
  • Why are Supplements Necessary?
  • Overview of Key Supplements for Fertility
  • Fertility Supplement List with Benefits

Bonus Module: Putting It All Together

  • A Day in the Life of a Fertility Diet
  • How to Eat Out on a Fertility Diet
  • The Cooking for Fertility Cookbook ($30)
  • Seasonal Meal Plans
  • Guest Expert Lectures
    • Total Value:

      • 6 hours of content ($1200)
      • Meal Plans and Recipes for Fertility ($97)
      • The Cooking for Fertility Cookbook ($30)
      • Access to the Private Student Facebook Community ($97)
      • Guest Expert Lectures

      Total value is $ 1500 and your cost is only $! $597

    I am here to support you!

    I will make sure you have foundational elements in place to support a healthy pregnancy. After completing the modules in this program you will know how to:
    • Support egg quality for a health pregnancy
    • Manage and transform stress on the fertility journey
    • Optimize your weight for fertility
    • Eliminate food interfering with conception
    • Rid your body of toxins interfering with hormonal balance
    • Choose key supplement for fertility